adding to a recording in arrangement view from seesion view

i have recorded a 5 min guitar performance into arrangement view.. i have some scenes full of drum loops i want to 'jam' record into the arrangement from session view but i dont seem to be able to find a way to do it.. as soon as i hit record and then a row of clips (a'scene').. the clips start playing, but i dont hear my guitar track and worse still it is getting overdubbed by silence!! (even tho the guitar track 'record' button is disabled!!) i've tried back to arrangement button and all manner of other button combos but to no avail.. help

(i'm aware i can just copy/paste them in there but i want to do a live 'jam 'arrangement)



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    I'm guessing you are using live 9?
    In the preferences, there is an option to let Live record into all tracks or into tracks that are armed. (The little red buttons at the bottom of every track)
    Try setting this preference to 'only record armed tracks'.
    That way, you will only record onto tracks that are armed, the rest will stay the same.

    Hope this helps!

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