Adding a pedal controller to Akai APC40 for scene launch

Hello everybody! Sorry for a long story, but i can't find a way to explain my question in shorter phrase. 

So currently i'm using ableton for live performance, and i absolutely love how akai apc40 mk II does everything i need:

My live set consists of multiple scenes arranged in 8x5 blocks for each song with verse, chorus, bridge, intro/outtro and master bpm scenes respectively. So i can arrange song perfectly. But in a certain situations - like when i play guitar or a piano with two hands i really need a pedal to fire a scene or stop playback. 

I think logidy umi3 or looptimus (or behringer fcb1010) will do the job, but i can't find an evidence that it is possible to map a certain pedal to fire a scene in selected (by apc40) 8x5 block. 

With midi monitor app i can see that trigger scene 1 button on akai apc40 generates a midi signal "note on/off A#4" (scene 2 - A4, 3 - B, 4 - C, 5 - C#) 

So anyone can confirm that it is possible to map a pedal controller to send same commands to ableton or directly to apc40? 

And if yes - please advice me the software that can handle this type of mapping.


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Demaio 7 months ago | 0 comments

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