Add effect to one clip only

I have read the section on Envelopes, but still a bit confused.  


There are 3 clips and I want to add an effect to 2 of them.  Both are MIDI tracks.

In the Envelopes section I see the device chooser and see the effect listed.  But how do I turn the effect off for a particular clip?  


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    One way would be to turn effects on a track on or off inside a clip, so you only hear the effect on the clips of your choice.

    - Select the clip: activate the envelope window in the clip settings (bottom left; round button with an "E" in it)

    - in the "envelopes"window: choose the effect device you want to turn on or off and in the little box below that, choose "device on".

    - now draw the envelope in the clip to turn the device on or off.



    2 years ago | 1 comment

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