add 1 bar drum loop over all session


I recorded 4 bar midi piano loop,

Now i want to record 1 bar drum loop but i want it to play in all 4 bars of the piano loop

Is there anyway to do that?

for example i recorded 4 bar piano loop:

piano bar1- piano bar2- piano bar3- piano bar 4 

now when i am in piano bar 2, i decided to record 1 bar drum

it will record that drum over piano bar 2 only

but i want it to play in all bars like

piano bar1+drum - piano bar2+drum - piano bar3+drum - piano bar4+drum

i want that 1 bar drum loop played in all song.

Can you help me please?


caglar.ozen 1 year ago | 0 comments

1 answer

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    turn on the loop function and set length in the clip settings. or record in a new audio track using session view clips. You can also set the recording length for clips there, so when you press the clip record button it will record 1 bar, and start looping after that. Hope this helps. The functions can be found in the manual too. 

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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