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I'm thinking of getting a ADAT DA/AD with 8 additional channels. In my inputs / outputs list, Live show me 1, 2, 3.. 8. These are all analog. 9/10 are AES/EBU, and lastly 11/12. I'm guessing 11 and 12 are supposed to be my ADAT ports, but why are there only two channels? Will more appear when I connect a ADAT device?



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    When there is no ADAT device available yet, Live won't see any ADAT devices/ports. Simple as that. Depends on the soundcard you're using and the options it has.

    Think of it this way: if there is no soundcard connected, you can't assign it in Live, simply because it isn't there. Same goes for the ADAT device. If there is no device, Live won't be able to see or route to it.

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