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hey im very new to beat making i just bought a novation launchpad and i have the launchpad edition of ableton and i dont know how to activate my sounds becauseevery time i draw out something i cant hear anything and it doesnt allow me to drag sounds into the clips area any help?


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  • Warrior Bob
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    You can drag sounds and samples into audio tracks (not MIDI) in either Session or Arrangement view, and they'll be loaded as clips.

    You may also be interested in using the Impulse device or Drum Racks (I'm not sure which comes with the Launchpad edition) in a MIDI track to load up your samples like you would in a sampler or drum machine.

    By "draw out something" I presume you mean making MIDI clips. This behavior is correct, MIDI notes don't do anything on their own, they're just control data for something else.

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