Actions on Play Scene.


I'm working on my live set and I would like to know if the thing I'm looking for exists..

I would like to know if I can activate / desactivate and arm / unarm some effects and tracks when I launch a new scene (on the session mode) ?


This is mostly for when I'm playing a new track, I have to activate new effects, and arm new midi tracks.


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    You can use key map or midi mapping accordingly to what you want to activate/deactivate, arm/unarm...

    But you will get restricted to one key map or midi map for each assignment, so you can use both (midi + key) to get 2 "mappings" for the same assignment. If you want to interact just with your midi controller, you can use a software like bomes midi translator (which can receive keystrokes and send midi and the opposite), or you can implement it with max4live, which may be the best option if you are comfortable with it. For effects the easy way is to use an effect rack, because with a single macro you can get various assignments, and you can also apply ranges to each assignment inside the rack. All this combined can give you all the options you need. :)

    Hope this helps

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