Accessing SMUX Devices in Live


In Trial Mode -- I am getting ready to pull the trigger on Ableton Live 9 and although I have been able to get deep into the product I have not been able to resolve connectivity with my hardware converters.


Mac 10.9 ->

     MOTU 896 mkiii (for secondary analogue 8 i/o via Firewire ->

          Apogee Rosetta via SMUX lightpipe for my primary analogue 8 i/o

I am using the latest standard Motu FW drivers and audio is available for ALL applications through the 896 and through SMUX to the Rosetta including Digital Performer, Logic, PT, Spotify, iTunes, all browsers, etc.

PROBLEM: Ableton Live 9 does not see the Rosetta.  The sonic reasons, the Apogee is my main converter and I compromise on sonics and workflow (because of the way my studio is wired) when I switch from other audio apps to Live -- this is a full-on drag.

This issue is confusing to me because I expect Live to negotiate with Core Audio and Motu drivers to process audio from hardware devices like other apps. 

Has anyone else encountered and resolved this issue? 

Ableton Tech, do you guys have an explanation and solution?

Other than this issue, I am digging the product -- hell'a easy to use and make music.





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