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Hey Everybody! first post...
Well I've spent hours importing ".ksd" patches for drumnbass/dubstep I downloaded.
for my MASSIVE 1.1.4 , I finally got it to work, all the saved custom presets work on STANDALONE and only while RECORDING on ABLETON 8.1.1 but it does not work while browsing through the custom presets as a plugin on Ableton (the presets appear but when chosen: a dull version or a default-like synth or whitenoise sounds,not the actual preset setting sound itself) this is very inconvinient and slows the creative process down and when my band plays live , I use ableton sessions for my synths, and i wont be able to access the massive presets since they wont sound until its in playback from recording, i actually like playing the notes .. i don't just press "play" ha ha.... please help people, I didn't want to resort to this, I don't want to come off as lazy but i couldn't find answers through google and other forums. thanks everybody!


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    Are you working on PC or Mac? Dont know about Mac but on PC you should put the .ksd files in C: -> program files (or program files (x86)) -> common files -> native instruments -> shared content -> sounds. This works for me anyway, hope this helps!

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