Ableton with external midi - jitter problem

hello everybody,

i've been experiencing massive jitter when using ableton live with external midi instruments (mfb-522, roland tr-505, korg r3).

i use a saffire pro 6 soundcard, and after contacting ableton support i got an external midi interface (midiface 4x4) which means that my sound card is handling the audio while all midi instruments are connected to my midiface.

i've been experiencing this jitter problem ever since i hooked up external devices to ableton - i uploaded and example of this problem (around 0:11min):

this problem has been existing for 1,5 years now and i really can't help myself anymore. does anyone of you know this bug and/or know how to fix it? 

another problem occuring with midi is that 4/5 times when i start the track, my mfb-522 is slightly ahead of my roland, 1/5 times they're in time, which means that there must be something wrong with the ableton track start signal - i don't know if it has anything to do with the problem above.


thanks for your help



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    The answer is an ACME-4 box

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