Ableton & Traktor Sync Issue!


I am using ableton and traktor together to perform. I have them synced but have 1 issue with it.

Im aware you must press the sync button on traktor at the time of bar 1 from music playing on ableton. This will enable ablteon to launch a clip at the correct time (in terms of bars) to what is playing in traktor.


My issue is....for some unknown reason at random time the sync decides to go out. they are still synced in terms of bpm but the bars are different. for example, traktor is playing, i launch a clip from ableton to start on bar 1 of the traktor song but it doesn't. it will come in on a random bar so sounds terrible. 

Obviously in a performance situation i cant keep stopping to re-adjust the sync bar by repress the Sync button within traktor.


Hope this makes sense.


Any help appreciated





5ft Heroes 4 years ago | 0 comments

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