Ableton/Touch OSC question

Hey friends,


This is kind of an Ableton/TouchOSC question.


Im using Touch OSC and OSCulator with Ableton 9.  I made a template in the osc editor, mainly wanting to arm and disarm my tracks in Ableton- 

I first tried a toggle button to have an on/off - arm/disarm function,  but it seems like I have to push it 4 times rather than 2.



1.  first push on the toggle button:   in osc,  button lights up, and it arms the track in Ableton.     (cool)

2.  second push on osc toggle button:   turns off the lit up osc toggle button,  but Ableton track is still armed.      (ah…not cool)

3.  3rd push of osc button:  track gets disarmed in Ableton but now the osc button is lit up   ( What?)

4.  4th push turns off the lit up osc button.  so that your ready to do the process from 1- 4.  (definitely not cool)



As an alternative work around, I notice if I use a push button in OSC it worked great.   Arming the track and disarming the track with each push, but in the osc once the push button is pressed it lights up for a second but does not stay lit up.  


Where this is a problem is if Im doing a live set, and am not by my computer, I might be unsure of which button was pressed or if I armed the right track.  




So    Question 1.  Is there a setting or way to make a toggle button work as on/off in Ableton?  (2 pushes)


        Question 2.  Is there a way to make a push button in osc stay lit up until it has been pressed again?



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ncyancy 3 years ago | 1 comment

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