Ableton to USB guitar amp.

Hello.  I recently purchased a Fender Mustang I (v2) amp.  It comes with USB support, so I figured I'd try sending audio from Ableton to the amp, and I was wondering if this was possible?

I installed the ASIO4ALL driver, as well as Fender FUSE (and upgraded my amp's firmware).  When in Ableton, I select ASIO as the Driver Type, and then ASIO4ALL v2 as the Audio Device (my amp is not listed as an Audio Device).  If I go into Hardware Setup, I see my amp, and I select it as the device, but whenever I try to play something, I get no output (and yes, I have the volume turned up on the amp)... I can see the volume levels rising in Ableton, but yeah, no output whatsoever.

Is what I'm trying to do possible, and if so, how do I properly get it working?  Or is the amp only able to send to the computer, not receive from the computer?  Thanks!


incutonez 4 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Archtop Bill
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    A couple suggestions. First, did you "arm" the input. You will not record the track unless armed. If you see the wavey lines you are capturing the signal. Next, you need to enable the track the track to hear it play back.

    Finally, if you have captured the track, but the playback is too soft, try boosting there USB output. This is done in Fuse under advanced amp settinngs.


    Good luck!

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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