Ableton tech support responds to me about the new way of recording in 9. For those still wondering.

Awesome support as usual.


Thanks for writing to Ableton support.

It is true, in Live 8, if you pressed play after recording midi notes in EITHER view, it would start to play the notes back automatically after hitting the play button.

However, we changed this in Live 9 to give more control about how the Session and Arrangement Views interact with each other

In Live 9, if you arm a midi track and press the Arrangement Record button, recording will start in the Arrangement View, independent of what View you are actually looking at.

However, the material recorded in Arrangement View will not playback from the either View, unless you enable the Back-to-Arrangement button for the track you wish to hear being played.

This allows one to move more freely between the two views on a track-by-track basis, triggering clips in Session View while simultaneously arranging on the fly and triggering those arranged tracks at the right times.

We hope this makes sense as to why this change took place, and that you still find Live 9 to be useful to your music-making.

We are also of course happy to help with any other questions.

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Original question from me:

>I just upgraded from 8 suite to 9 Suite. Like what I see.
>I mainly record in session view with clips and do my final touches in the arrangement view towards the end of any project.
>I have noticed I have no problem getting my midi controller to play back the sounds, but when I arm a track for recording and then hit the arrangement record button the clip nor arrangement records anything and I hear no sound. If I hit the session record button it records normally in the clip.
>In 8 I could just hit the play button on a clip to record as long as that track was armed.
>What gives???


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    Hi there, 

    Thank you for your post, we are glad you like our support. 

    However, please keep in mind that in the disclaimer of every email conversation we state that we do not authorize any publication of the content without the permission of the author. This also includes our own website. 

    Answers is a platform where users can ask and answer questions regarding the use of Live, so I am closing this thread now, since I can not see any questions. 

    Once more thank you for your feedback, I will pass it on to the team. 



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