Ableton synchronisation with turntables?

Hi guys!

I have 2x SL 1210 MK2 which I would like to use in my setup along with Vestax VCM-600, Apogee Duet 2.

What I need for sure is another interface with phono in on board to recive audio from decks in Live (track with selected input) right?

My question is:

Which of these would you recommend and which will have most accurate synchronisation with Live 8?

-Xone 2D

-Hercules DEEJAY Trim 4&6 + SoundBITE micro

-American Audio - Versa Port + SoundBITE micro

O and one more thing: I haven't got a regular dj mixer...




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    Syncing turntables to Live is only possible by hand. All you do is get audio from the turntable inputs, right?
    So there is nothing to be synced....

    All you need is a soundcard that can handle at least two pairs of stereo phono inputs. Then you can assign every input to a separate track and use Live's mixer as your dj mixer.

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