Ableton running poorly despite low CPU load

G'day all,

I'm having an odd issue - my sessions start running poorly after being open and worked on for a while. It's become especially apparent when I'm running large sessions and doing multiple vocal takes (lots of muted tracks of previous takes).

The interface feels very laggy and almost becomes like a slideshow at times with the lag. If I restart ableton it is a little better when I open it but soon becomes the same after more work. Audio recording still works, but is visually very choppy and seems to be more prone to skipping/popping if I open a browser etc while i am recording.

The odd thing is my CPU load is never going above 35%. Therefore it shouldn't be running poorly, correct? Changing buffer size has no impact, nor does switching between my focusrite or asio4all drivers. Laggy on both.

Running a quad core 4720hq processor, 16gb of ram, all of lives folders running from my SSD. Running on windows 8 64 bit.

Any help greatly appreciated...

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JamBau 2 years ago | 0 comments

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