Ableton Push: Stop-Track-Button in Sesion-View?


I really would really like to have a stop-track-button when I'm in session view in Push. I am aware that I can hit any "clip" that is empty (and for which I haven't removed the stop button within ableton) and it will stop playing the track, but whenever i want to stop multiple tracks, i have to search for an empty space in each track and move my hands weirdly to be able to mute them all at once.

Am I missing something? Is muting the channel or pressing an empty grey box the only way of muting a track in Push's session view?


Thanks in advance for any help.


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  • scottiedo
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    Right above the 1/32t button there is a stop state control button. Right next to it there is Mute and Solo. Stop turns the state controls red. Solo turns them blue and Mute (by default) has them yellow. 

    Holding shift and the stop state control is your stop all clips button.


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