Ableton Push 2 Stuck pad

So, I just got my brand new ableton push 2. However, I found that the most upper left pad won't release after being hit when I am playing on a MIDI track. And it just keeps play that one note until I hit it again several times then it will finally release. Other pads function normally.


I am wondering if this is a hardware, software or firmware issue. I have contacted support already but not yet have heard back from them.


Does anybody have any ideas?


YYRR 2 months ago | 0 comments

3 answers

  • polkadotninja
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    I have the same issue with the 2 bottom left pads on my new Push.  I only contacted support a few hours ago, and will report back when they reply if there are any helpful suggestions they provide.

    27 days ago | 0 comments
  • syMETTAry
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    I'm sorry I cannot help. I'm shocked that no one from team ableton has given any suggestion here. I'm having a similar problem. Although i have multiple pads not playing.


    1 month ago | 0 comments
  • backinbass
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    Same thing here, top left and bottom left.
    I sent a mail to the ableton support yesterday, I will try to update this thread when I have a reply

    15 days ago | 0 comments

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