Ableton 'portable'. One hard drive - two pc's

I have a question.

Let's say that I have for example MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and an external hard drive with Live 9S installed on this drive, not Mac's.

So, can I run my Live, that one version of software, interchangeably on MB and MM? Is that possible? Or I have to install it on both computers on internal SDD/HDD's and keep files and projects on external drive ?


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  • laidlaw
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    The Ableton Live license is for one person using one computer at a time. Because many people use a desktop computer and a laptop, you get two authorizations when you register your product.

    With these authorizations you can install Live on two of your own computers (Mac, PC or both) as long as you will not be using both computers at the same time.

    If you want to run Live on several machines simultaneously, or if your personal hardware set-up includes more than two computers, we offer special pricing on additional licenses.

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    Jumping in here for some clarification. Theoretically speaking you can, since if I understood you correctly Live would only run on one of the two machines at a time. 

    From our license policy perspective it does not make a difference whether you have Live installed on one hard drive and connect this to two different computers or if you go the regular way and install it once on each machine. 

    From a technical perspective, this might look differently, especially for the authorization part. You would need to authorize your Live installation once on each machine. Even though it is the same hard drive, the hardware code of your machine changes when you connect the hard drive to the second machine, and therefore Live will request another authorization. 

    Once you authorized Live on both machines things should be fine, but note that we don't officially support this use case and still recommend installing Live separately on both machines. 

    Hope this helps, 


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  • refactor
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    No, you can't.  You need to have Live installed on each computer individually.  You are only allowed to use Live on one computer at any given time.


    You can use the same hard drive between the two computers but only if it is a network drive.

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