Ableton OBS Studio and External Audio Device Setup can record DX mode only?

I could use some help or atleast find the right tutorial to help me. So I'm wanting to perform sets and record them with OBS Studio for streaming or just for upload. So far I am able to get the video feed in of Ableton and my iphone used as a HD video feed with a down view of my performance you you can see what I'm doing using Epocam to transmit the signal to OBS which all works fine. My problem is the audio feed coming into OBS Studio can only be set to DX mode which is just plain horrible. What I really want is to get an audio feed in from my M-Track or Fast Track Ultra so I can stream/record with a proper ASIO audio feed in instead of this mooshy muddy shit that is recorded from Ableton in DX mode. I cant seem to get ASIO to work with OBS on ASIO4ALL v2 or my external devices. Its frustrating as I got the video side all worked its just audio in and having to use DX mode to record. How do all the pro audio tutorial peeps do it and where are the tutorials to get started?


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    I did a recording with Ableton Live and OBS just recently. You can see/hear the result here 


    (the forum didn't show the link....)

    I'm happy with the audio. 

    How did I do it: I used the standard "Desktop Audio" input at OBS. At Ableton I selected MME/DirectX and selected "Speakers (USB Audio CODEX) DX" 

    I use a Lenovo Notebook.

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