Ableton Live - plugins not saving presets?

For a while now I've been having an issue where every time I open a particular session, the preset I have for an ElectraX synth won't recall. It instead defaults to some other preset. 
This is kinda frustrating because every time I open the session, I have to manually open up the VST and load in the correct preset.
At first this was also happening with an instance of Absynth on a different track, but that's since somehow resolved itself. Not sure what I did (if anything) to fix it. It's happening with both VST & AU versions of the plugin(s). Even saving AU presets within Ableton still isn't making it recall the presets properly when loading the session.
This is also happening on two different computers - my iMac and also Macbook Pro. Both running El Capitan, Live version 9.7.1.


dubdubdub3 1 year ago | 1 comment

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