Ableton Live Lite 9-Recording Issue


I am having an issue with my Ableton Live Lite 9 version and thought I could ask someone here for help:

When I try to load my VST instruments, which are Xpand2, Eighty Eight and Play East West, I get an error message saying the license could not be found or there is an error while loading. I reboot the laptop and usually this helps.

However, I have started experiencing another peculiar issue; when recording sessions the master volume always starts dropping at 96 in the arrangement position meter and then once it has reached 0 it goes up to normal volume again. I have tried to manually stop it and bring it up, but when I listen to the recording the drop in volume is there and it ruins everything obviously. It goes slowly down and then abruptly loud again. 

What do you think the issue could be? Virus, memory or hardware issues? The master volume button moving on its on is creeping me out though. I haven't changed any important settings or automation as far as I know, but won't say for sure. 

I'm using Ableton with Windows 7 64 bit and my PC is starting to get full so I'm working on freeing up more memory and space to eliminate one possibility for this error.




I hope someone has an answer!




tonekf87 7 months ago | 0 comments

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  • drewr4
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    I haven’t come across this issue but have you tried reinstalling the Ableton software? Perhaps this will resolve the issue.

    7 months ago | 1 comment
  • tonekf87
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    I was able to solve the issue by myself eventually:) Turned out to be some automation at play that I had to delete. 

    7 months ago | 0 comments

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