ableton live for VIDEO editing

i use ableton live for video editing.

i layer a bunch of videos (and corresponding audio tracks of course) and output a high quality video from it. 

but as you can imagine, such workflow is VERY demanding on the computer because the video files are much heavier than the audio-only files. i barely get 4 tracks and i have a super fast G5. 

so i had this idea: of working with low-res quicktime files and then, just prior to rendering/outputting a high quality video file, i would replace all low-res quicktime files with their high-res counterpart. identical files but in better quality. 

for those familiar with video editing this flow is inspired by proxy files which are a lower res counterpart of high res files. 

but the problem is: when i replace my low-res files with high-res ones, for some reason ableton still looks at the low-res file, almost as if it cached the file in its memory (as opposed to referencing the newer file with the same file name). 

as a test, if i DELETE the file then the audio won't play but the video part WILL! 

what is the logic behind this? does ableton "remember" the video frames instead of referencing the files as it does with audio-only tracks?





uV2F7awg 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • friend_kami
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    i'd like to know this too as i am working with live and video as well. infact, i'd like the ability to simply rightclick the preview window and decrease the resolution similar to after effects or vegas. and/or have the ability to create a proxy file straight from live.

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  • Kaktusen
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    Suggestion, consolidating a video clip will leave you with the audio only.
    So you could duplicate all your tracks, consolidate the "audio part", and replace the clips on the others. Not sure about the replacement part compared to Premiere Pro proxy, tho.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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