Ableton Live for guitar player ?

As a guitar player, how do you use LIVE ?


Take a look at Avi BORTNICK interview to know about his set-up...


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    Thanks for that link!  Here's a video featuring D.V.S.* and his guitar setup.

    I have yet to find much on the full setup, particularly for live performance.  I expect most will be going through a board into a full mix.  There's much lost in guitar performance when you don't have the amp and speaker interacting with the guitar.  I know AxeFX artists are using a FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) monitor to solve this problem and these have come a long way.  I've heard AxeFX through the Matrix GT series and it's stunning.  So much so, it's worth considering the investment.. but I would love to hear if anyone is getting an exceptional result using Guitar Rig, Amplitube or something similar.  There is so much more versatility available when using software rather than a separate piece of hardware such as an AxeFX.  I suppose  one could invest in the sound reinforcement and then, if it doesn't live up to expectations, add the AxeFX.  I'm really looking to bring my guitar playing closer to Ableton.  I'm presently playing through analog pedals and a tube amp.

    Recording, I plug my Strat directly into a Presonus Firebox and use Amplitube for amp modeling.  The result is not particularly inspiring but I never feel as though my tone is holding me back.  Toying with the GuitarRig 5 demo yesterday introduced me to some really sweet arpeggiating delays and effects that were, indeed, inspiring.  I use Equator D5 monitors with a Yahama Sub.  I been planning to upgrade to the Apogee Duet but my live needs might be better suited with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.  I'm not sure how I would route the sound so that I could run guitar only ton FRFR.  Anyone?

    Many will say that perfect tube amp emulation requires the full AxeFX investment.  I can't speak on that but if exciting, inspiring guitar tone is what you seek, and it's ok if a gear-head can tell it's a modeler, than I think some amazing possibilities are available.  Why is no one really pushing this envelope?


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    My blog might be of help here:

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    I've been getting some interesting results with guitars using Live & Max effects. I record directly into Live with my audio interface. I generally use a clean sound and add effects later. Some of my favourite effects are in the Max for Live Convolution Reverb. I was using a well known guitar effects plug-in, but I also started to think of Live (audio) effects as I would a guitar effects pedal. For instance, I set up a chain by using a chorus effect, then a delay effect and then finish off with a reverb.  Go to to hear more.

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