Ableton Live + APC40 + Arkaos GrandVJ (Arkaos Connect VST) + MIDI Channels?


I'm sequencing music and visuals in realtime. Arkaos provide a VST to enable you to record a visual performance in any music sequencer and then play it back into the GrandVJ software.

Recording the sequence is working fine but playing it back is giving trouble. 


I have a track with Arkaos Connect VST.

I have 10 other MIDI tracks routed to the VST track.

I have an AKAI APC40 which I'm using to operate Arkaos GrandVJ.

It also serves as the input for the 10 MIDI tracks in Ableton Live so I can record the Grand VJ performance. The 10 MIDI tracks are configured and armed to record all the messages from the controller. The messages are on different MIDI channels. So having each MIDI track configured for a specific channel enables me to see all which channel similar notes are on. All of this is working fine.


For playing back the arrangement, in Arkaos GrandVJ Preferences | Arkaos Connect, I select the host VST.


ALL the messages arrive in GrandVJ, but ALL the messages are playing back on MIDI Channel 1


Anyone out there doing this?


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    I used the IAC driver instead of Rewire or the VST. Fine for recording and playing back on a single machine.

    Now I want to send this MIDI over ethernet LAN (Master Slave sessions). 

    Setup as per instructions but not having any luck with it working.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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