Ableton freezes during live set


I have been using Ableton for over 7 years now and I love the software. Recently I've replaced the HDD of my Macbook Pro, formatted it and installed a OSX Lion (10.7.5) and Ableton Live 8 (8.4.2).

I run using the following setup:

Audio Output Device : NI Komplete Audio 6
In/Out Sample Rate : 44100
Default SR * Pitch Conversion : Normal
Buffer Size : 512 samples
Input Latency : 0.00ms
Output Latency : 13.7ms
Drive Error Compensation 0.00ms

MIDI Controller : A&H Xone K2

I never had problems before but last weekend during two separate gigs using two different live sets I had the same following problem. While performing, Ableton freezes for a split second and then the audio stops for another split second. It all happens randomly even when I am not touching my MIDI controller.

I am running on high HDD space as I am only using 80GB from the 500GB and my Macbook Pro has 8GB or ram. I don't know if the problem is coming from a setting or the soundcard but I highly doubt the soundcard as I do use Logic too and never had issues.

Help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems while playing live.  I use Live while performing and for me it would be a disaster to have stutters, as I usually have other musicians accompanying me!

    Hopefully, we can find a solution for you.


    Firstly, are you using any VSTs/Audio Units or any other plug ins now that you were not using before your problems started?

    Have you installed any other software at all immediately before the issue started?

    If you can, search inside 'Console' (just type 'console' into spotlight) for 'ableton' see if you get any results.  If you do, you might consider pasting some of the results into a comment.

    Also... launch 'Disk Utility' and then repair your disk permissions and also repair your disk.

    If you have a 15" MacBook Pro, I'd recommend turning off automatic graphics switching and spotlight indexing.  You could perform a google search for more details about doing that.


    Best regards,



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