Ableton - File managment (sampler with 128 samples)

So if i figured it out right , if i make sampler and save it with 128samples (the little icon in right top corner of sampler), samples will not be saved, only reference to sample location ?

In other words if i prepare my sample location only to be able to fill my 128s and then delete it (cause i have different floder structure for pure samples)  i will get missing files when i load that 128s sampler in future ?

Solution ?

The only workaround for this would be to create projects with for example 64 tracks filled with samplers with 128 samples and save those projects using collect all and save   ?

After deleting original importing folders i would have to drag that samplers from my saved  project folder to \user library\ instrument rack so it can be accessible to new projects, push... and then live will in future pull samples from saved collected project folder or not (and must never delete it) ?

In other words if i delete all my projects from live, all my stuff from user library, samplers with samples, drum racks, operator presets etc. would be also deleted cause they dont exist in any project ?


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    ^ bump , I am also wondering this. What if you just save the drum rack?

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