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I've been pondering lately about what's the best settings for project and exporting. I'm on Windows 8.1 and Ableton 9.5. My external audio card is Lexicon's Alpha and is restricted to 24bit bit depth and max 48 kHz sample rate.

My project settings (concerning bit depth and sample rate) are: record mode 24bit, sample rate 48 kHz. Audio device is Alpha ASIO (which, as stated, only allows max 48 Khz sample rate for project). I'm not recording anything externally (using mics or audio input).

Mastering will be done in a different process.

My questions are:

1. Is it any good to export at 32bit bit depth?

2. Is it useful to export at 96 kHz sample rate?

So what's best: 24/48, 32/48, 24/96, 32/96?

I've successfully exported at all the rates, and they all sound equally good or bad. I don't see why upsampling to 96 kHz would be any better than 48 kHz.

But if I had a better soundcard, that could do 24bit/96kHz, would it change anything? Could I use higher project settings, would the exported audio qaulity be better? Does it affect the situation at all?



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