Ableton drum racks with external Simmons SDS 8

Hi Ableton folks,

I have a puzzle for you:

1. A-lane with midi clips in it which correspond to what a live drummer should be playing

2. B-lane with an instrument rack. Each slice is a drum rack (one per song). I swipe through them with a chain selector.

3. A-lane sends midi to B-lane. I do it this way so A-lane can be switched off when live drummer joins in and replaces my midi clips.

4. Simmons SDS 8 module wich has no midi! It only reacts to sound impulses (such as drum hits) sent via 1/4 inch jacks. I want it to be triggered by various cells of each drum rack (kick to SDS kick, snare to SDS snare, etc.). I could have copied midi tracks and just use those with new sounds in a new lane but what happens if a live drummer wants to improvise? I want SDS to follow his creative flows in real time.

How can I route audio signal from a kick cell in B-lane to kick strip on my SDS 8 module?


IamAgar 4 years ago | 0 comments

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