Ableton doesn't see Kontakt 5 Stereo output, only Mono?

First time posting here, and am doing so after literally spending days trying to figure out how to properly setup multiple outputs for Kontakt 5's Studio Drummer. 

The goal seems incredibly simple: Create a mixer within Kontakt that routes all the drum outputs to Ableton tracks independently. So if a Kick channel is going out of Kontakt. I setup an audio track to receive audio from Kontakt 5, and monitor the incoming Kick channel.

In that instance it works, because the kick track is stereo. The problem is that when you select what channel to monitor audio from within a track, it only sees mono. So if you setup a stereo percussion, overheads, or even a hihat channel that is panned slightly to the left, ableton will only allow you to select one of the stereo channels.

I just can't figure out how to direct an Ableton audio track to receive a stereo channel from Kontakt. Maybe there's a workaround?


Thanks so much for any help, and if I need to be clearer please let me know!


milkandhoney 1 year ago | 0 comments

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