Ableton Control Scripts UserConfiguration.txt

Hi I need some help
Its to do with the UserConfiguration.txt
Too start with I have created a folder in the correct directory C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 9.1.1\Preferences\User Remote Scripts\MPD32. With the UserConfiguration.txt in there. The directory is Called MPD32. I assume that the name of the directory is the name that appears on the control surfaces drop down list in midi sync tab. I have it in the midi inputs 
input: MPD32 input (Akai MPD32) Track and remote are on.So it accepting the file it leads me to think that my modifications of the original template is wrong. I can assign dials fine, its when I change devices the blue hand moves which it is supposed to do. Its when I assign another dial to the same knob they both move no matter which device the blue hand is on. When I assign the knob the midi channel displayed is 1. In the UserConfiguration.txt the channel is set to 0 as that is the first midi channel so that's right. It leads me to think its the encoders which Is what I have to assign. which I have done from the midi readings when assign the dials. Also on the MPD32 they display the control which is in use and they are correct. I have double checked. I don't no what to do. I have run out of options. I notice when I click edit midi map the hand moves is this normal or is it an indication of something.
On the midi page midi sync I on have one other device and that is an output. The controller is  set to cc on all controllers


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    It appears it works they are all ready mapped. I thought you assigned them. any way of controlling which one get mapped

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