Ableton Control Scripts

Hello dear users, i have a major problem.

I cannot, for everything i'm worth get these damn retarded control scripts to work (sorry for the curse)

Having spent a few years with midi controllers and such, i considder myself a quite experienced Midi users.

However, with these midi control scripts, i'm totally lost.

I've done EVERYTHING i've found online, every single tutorial, to the point where i've been re doing things again, just to see if i'll have more luck.

I've been SO close finding user made scripts for the controller i'm looking for (EDIROL PCR 300) But ofcourse it's gone.

Worst part is, this has become an obsession to me, having spent all day trying to figure this seems to be so simple task with NO success!

I use...
Legit 8.3.4 copy of ableton Suite
Mac osx Lion 10.7.4
EDIROL PCR 300 midi keyboard

I can map the controller to all parameters, i've named the controller in the UserConfiguration.txt" file Under both the User/library....User remote scripts
as well as the "show content" in Applications, Both under the _Userscripts as well as the Midi remote scripts folder.

I'd be amazingly happy if anyone got a solution to this? Everywhere i go, it just seems like the easiest task in the world, and as i cannot see what i'm doing wrong. It, To me... As a midi guru in Sweden, PISSES ME OF!! ;)

I'd even donate a few bucks to the one who helps me out, i'm that desperate to overcome this object, as it sadly occupies my mind.

I'm just trying to do simple control over the macros, that's basicly it!

Thank you so much, and sorry for the rant!

Ableton, please make your mapping system like Native Instruments Traktor system, that would save us all SO MUCH DAMN PAIN IN THE ASS!


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  • skymakai
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    Be sure that you've got the user script you've edited in the correct place. It doesn't go with the other midi scripts, but in Ableton's preferences folder.  There should already be a User Scripts folder there.

    Be sure that the name of the device in your user script matches that of the midi device in Ableton's MIDI settings, next to Track/Sync/Remote.  It's very important that they are the same.

    On some controllers, Channel 0 may act as channel 1, so try putting your controller on channel 1, if your global channel is set to 0.

    Restart Ableton after you've saved the midi script, so it can update it's preferences and see the changes.

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  • Funk N. Furter
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  • Markus87
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    same here with my arturia 32keys! i tried everything

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  • julienb
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  • sjcaldwell
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    I've done some remote scripting and been able to make tweaks to many of the standard scripts provided by Ableton.  What I haven't been able to achieve with scripting, I've supplemented with the use of Bome MIDI Translator software.

    If anyone is interested in contracting with my for some customization, you can reach me at

    I am also the Moderator at the Bome Q&A Support forum at

    I've provided many generic solutions there using Bome software

    Steve Caldwell


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