Ableton 9 Unresponsive


I have a 3 year old mid level windows 7, dual core Jujitsu Laptop.


Intel Pentium CPU P6200 @2,13GHz,

2.00GB (1.86 GB usable). 64 Bit Operating System.

I used to run Live 8, it was ok with regards to speed of the program, then upgraded to 9 when it was first released.

Admittedly i downloaded the 32 bit Live 9.0 (32 bit as computer memory low), and its been painful to use ever since, slow and unresponsive (no sound interface used or MIDI Controllers used).

As i only used for fun, i haven't looked into why it was slow.

Last week i downloaded 9.2 (64 bit). assuming that would be address the issue, and would be faster and more responsive.

Its still painful to use, constantly unresponsive, and for a novice ableton user, no fun.

From another email thread i tried disconnecting the wireless (network card) when i use Ableton. I helped a bit, yet it is still a very slow program to use.

Any help would be great, as it stands its useless.




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  • mcbpete
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    The 64-bit build is for being able to address more than 4gb of RAM and will have nothing to do with speed and responsiveness. As you have only 2Gb RAM there's absolutely no need for this 64bit version. See -

    It just sounds like the CPU speed and in particular the RAM is causing the bottleneck here. Just checking my task manager and simply running an empty instance of Ableton 9 and this browser window (Chrome) and I'm at 3Gb of RAM usage, so it's little wonder it's running sluggish on <2gb !

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