Ability to filter midi notes live?

I am trying to block all midi notes below a certian key range from being sent out a track to another external device.  Here's my scenario:

I have a master keyboard (yamaha motif) that has several sounds layered on channel 1.  That is being sent into ableton and enabled as the input of a track that is passing the midi notes to an external vocoder.  The problem is, I'm playing both bass and treble and I need to strip the bass notes out of the midi stream that is sent to the vocoder. 

This is what I am looking to do...

Midi keyboard -> ch1 -> *all notes* -> ableton track input -> *pass only notes above c3* -> output to midi vocoder


Any ideas or pointers???  Thanks!


vgermani 1 year ago | 0 comments

1 answer

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