A VERY brief survey (for dissertation)

I'm writing a dissertation about Ableton Live's impact on music making (in composition/production/performance). Ideally, I need answers for a very brief written interview (attached). It takes no longer than about four minutes to fill out, and I really need a high number of user participants, ranging from DJs, bands, live acts, composers, producers etc. Could you help me by filling it out, and then passing it on to anyone else who might be able to answer? I would really appreciate it for my University research. 
I really hope you can help, but I completely understand if this is not possible. 
Jamie Jay (University of Leeds, UK: BA Music Level III).
Disclaimer: This is a brief qualitative interview, as part of a research project for a Level 3 BA Music dissertation at The University of Leeds, UK. Any participant's identity shall not be disclosed in the finished work, unless they specifically request it. Neither this work, nor the participant's answers shall be published publicly; the work is for research purposes only. Please fill out answers electronically in this document below each question, save, and re-send the document to mc11jj@leeds.ac.uk. Thank you

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jamiejay 4 years ago | 1 comment

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