9.7.2 audio crackling with Asio4all

I understand there are a million questions regarding this matter but I'm a tad confused at why it's only happening in Ableton.
So, my normal setupnat home includes my Dell Inspiron 5368 i7 with 16gb RAM, 1tb ssd running Live 9.7.1 with the full NI Komplete 10 Ultimate package and various other vst's, all through an NI Audio 6 interface.
Never had a problem and I can max tracks with some pretty heavy soft synths. However, I am now offshore with my laptop, no NI Audio 6 so using asio4all which is my normal routine when I don't have my audio interface with me.
If I start Live playing with nothing loaded into any track, all I can hear is pops and crackles. If I switch to realtek asio driver in preferences, it's fine, but with aarger latency. It's workable but I'm just trying to figure out what is going on in Live. The annoying reason for this is that... If I load up Fruity Loops Producer and fill the tracks with numerous VSTs, using Asio4all, there isn't a whisper of popping or crackling. You can imagine how frustrating that is. Obviously I've done the usual, buffer adjusts, ran latency software which checks out fine (hardpage faults is in the red but it's the same running FL).
I'm just wondering if anyone has come across this at all. I can only logically put it down to Live seeing as the Asio4all driver is bob on with fruityloops.
My next experiment is to try 9.7.2 but that will need to wait until I'm home from West Africa as I'm sure the client will not be pleased with me trying to download 931.3mb 😁.
Then I'll check to see if realtek have any new drivers but then again, if Asio4all is good with FL, I can't see this making much difference.
Anyhoo, it will be good to hear if anyone has similar problems or suggestions that may help me to use Live again with Asio4all.

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