Anyone having troubles controlling Ableton with Maschine after the 9.6 update?


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  • e.fada
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    I am. In fact, the remote scripts for Maschine, Livid Base, and touchable are all not showing in the control surface menu on 9.6. I know that Livid says they have to update scripts, as each Live update "breaks" the old scripts, and they cannot access the information needed to do these updates until the new version of Live is released. They plan to have updates ready next week. I haven't found any news from Native Instruments or touchable as to what their timeline is.

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  • [daw]
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    If you don't want to wait for the official NI rework of the script, you can use this reworked Maschine script for Live 9.6 from Lee Huddleston, which seems to work: 


    Note that this is neither an official NI or Ableton script, so we can't take any responsibility or offer support for it. 



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