64bit plugins are not beeing seen

hi, ive just upgraded my computer to a 64bit machine, unfortunatly after a fresh bit of installing Live doesnt see any of my 64bit plugins (the only one it does recognise as a plug in at all is the only 32bit one ive put in the vst folder). Do you guys have any idea how to solve this little problem for me?

sorry im a Windows user and have suite 8


W00dy 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • XSIMan
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    Live is still 32bit you need to install 32bit plugins.

    To get around Lives 3.2GB Ram limit you can use Jbridge with Win 7 64bit   to run large sample plugins such as Kontakt, Omnisphere with their own memory address space allowing you upto 14Gb in projects.

    Still no word from Ableton on when or if a 64bit DAW will ever exist. Studio One 2 is an alternative if you need a 64bit DAW but it has no midi effects.

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