64 bit asio

H! I bought a Mustang II amp and got a lite version of Live 8. I used it on my old computer (windows xp 32-bit) and it worked pretty good but the computer couldn't keep up with the software and what I was trying to do so I bought a new computer. I now have a 4 core phenom II processor with 4gigs of ram and a 64-bit OS and now I don't get to record. The same dialogues in the setup are not available. I suspect that it's because of the ASIO wrapper I'm using ( at least that's what I'm reading on message boards). Is there a known solution for this problem without buying another piece of equiptment? I've got a realtek HD onboard sound. Is that good enough? If I did have to purchase some equiptment, what should I look at?


Rhymezhouse 6 years ago | 1 comment

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