3rd-party plugins affecting clip launch timings - Help!

Hi all,

I'm really at wit's end trying to solve an issue I'm having. Just sent a ticket off to Ableton support, but I thought I'd try here as well. First off, I'm running 8.3.4 on a mid-2010 i5 Macbook Pro, multiple audio ins and outs through a Focusrite Saffire Pro40 firewire interface, APC40 to launch clips, and MIDI information being sent to a Korg Electribe ESX through the Focusrite's MIDI port.

Basically, I'm having an issue with 3rd-party plugins affecting global quantization of clip launches. Global quantization is set to 1 bar and every clip is set to "global" triggering. The Electribe (acting as a drum machine) is fed MIDI program changes timed to the rest of the set. Everything works perfectly....

...until I introduce a 3rd-party plugin anywhere in the set (in this case, a reverb or double-tracking plug-in on one of the audio input tracks). Then, the 1 bar quantization stops working, causing clip launches to happen earlier than intended. The MIDI program change information being sent to the Electribe becomes out of sync as a result, rendering my live set completely unusable. Oddly enough, this happens regardless of whether the 3rd-party plugin is even activated. Also, when monitoring the channel with the plug-in activated, there is no discernible latency. The only unintended consequence that I have noticed is the clip launching issue.

Is there anything I can do to force Live to adhere to the 1 bar clip launching parameter? Any line of code I can add in options.txt? I know Live has some serious issues involving delay compensation and 3rd-party plugins, but I don't need to track anything with this setup. I just want my clips to launch properly while I use some decent plate reverb in the live show. Too much to ask for? ^_^


leitbur 1 year ago | 0 comments

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