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Running the XP version (yeah, I know...) of Live with a USB Focusrite 2i4, and completely n00b. I have 4 midi channels, all piano, ie. SATB, and wanted to route each channel to a separate audio output. I can find outputs 1 and 2, and can control what gets sent where, but have seen no evidence of outputs 3 and 4. I've loaded the Focusrite drivers. Which driver should I be using, DirectX or ASIO? The "Configure" window offers a selection of mono vs. stereo, but only 2 channels. Hopefully this is a simple control or setup that I haven't found yet. I'd be grateful for any help.



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    The 2i4 only has 2 stereo outputs via stereo 1/4'' jacks (or 4 mono outputs via phono/rca cables) so if you want 4 different outputs note that they'll be in mono. For multiple channel support on XP you'll need to choose ASIO as the driver type and enable (turn on) the four boxes in the output config as shown in page 9 of this manual - http://www.sonicsense.com/media/documents/focu/Focu-scarlett2i4usb_scarlett2i4-user-guide.pdf

    Then back in Ableton's session view ensure the i/o button on the far right is highlighted (to show input/output routings) and choose outputs 1,2,3 or 4 (as default they'll probably be 1/2 or 3/4) for each track's output.

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