2 of my live sets are crashing at a specific bar on the timeline everytime. Any ideas??

Experiencing difficulty with two specific sessions crashing. They seem to have gotten currupt somehow. 
Basically when you reach a certain bar on the timeline it crashes at the same point everytime. One of the sessions started doing it from the beginning. The other just started doing this today after working on the song for about a week or so. 
Last night I do recall addung some ozone 5 stuff on the master channel.
I have heard alot about people experiencing these sort of currupt files/ crashes from vsts. I wonder if possibly it could be that? or if there is any other reason it might be. 
Recently got this new mac and Ableton 9.6 and am trying to get set ready to perform live. I have not experienced this on my old system. Im a little worried about it happing in a set while im pplaying live and not just my production sets. 
Any ideas/help?


nog 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Usually it has something to do with a vst, yes. Try removing some of the suspects, just to see if it still happens after that.


    2 years ago | 0 comments

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