2 apc20's combined,how 2 set volume levels to min and max???

sos set top volume of 0db.,.

i can only get to this by midimap,but in doing so, both apcs will use the same slider for the 1st track and 9th track (the first slider on each unit) and its driving me barmy and cant either find help in the manuals or seem to find out through forums...if any one can help, i can start to use the apcs properly and would be eternally grateful


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    According to both Ableton-info and Akai-info the APC20 has something called "combination mode" that makes it possible to use up to 6 APC20's at the same time. Just select the separate controllers in your preferences.

    In the manual it says; 

    When you connect more than one APC unit to Ableton Live, the controllers will automatically work in Combination Mode. You can use up to six total APC20s or APC40s side by side. The topmost controller selected in your preferences will control tracks 1-8, the second controller selected will control tracks 9-16, and so on. When an APC40 and an APC20 are connected at the same time, the APC20's buttons will default to Track Selection, and its faders will default to volume, allowing swift access to an expanding array of clips and tracks.


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