1gb project limit vs the 32-64bit myth

Hi all

I have read the Ables explanation of 32 vs 64 bit for Live, but have found one inconsistency. 

I am on a 32-bit windows 7, most recent Live, and I have known it forever that once Live project hits 1gb, Live crashes - and it has been so on various machines I have used, also on XP. Thus, not 2-3 gb, but 1gb is the limit for my Live. 

My laptop has 4gb, which means it does not qualify for 64 bit windows and live, by the above standards.

However, even if 64 bit system/DAW allowed an extra 1gb for Live projects, that would be twice as much - and enough for my purposes. 

Is that correct thinking?



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baseinstinct 1 year ago | 0 comments

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