12 semi tone transpose by default - why?

Live 9 standard when a midi file is dragged in from the user library, Ableton displays the MIDI notes in piano roll view as shifted 12 semi tones. Further Ableton sends those transposed notes on when the MIDI file is played. I have not selected a transpose tool in the chain and I have not adjusted the transpose setting in piano roll view, everything is newly opened and default, so I do not understand why Ableton is auto shifting these notes. Open the same Midi in any other editor and the notes Are Not transposed in the original file. Why does this happen? Can I stop it? My workaround is to apply a 12 semi tone transpose either at the MIDI file chain or at the receiving instrument. But this does not help with displaying the correct notes in piano roll view. Everything is out of place, right key, wrong octave, it is not fun to have to mess about like this.


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  • mcbpete
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    Is it actually transposed or is it just Ableton is referring to the first octave as 'octave 0', and your other editor/DAW has it listed as 'octave 1' ?

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  • padbury
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    There are TWO conventions for numbering keys (notes) in MIDI. The most common is the one where MIDDLE C (note #60; $3C) is C3 (C in the 3rd octave). However, another convention was adopted by Yamaha Corp. for their synthesizer products which parallels the Octave Designation System used in Music Education formulated by the Acoustical Society of America. In that convention, Middle C is designated "C4". The "C3 Convention" is the most commonly used octave designation system.

    Ableton uses one designation, the MIDI file source used the other, hence 12 semi tones apart.

    Who knew?

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