1 TB main drive moving to external...fresh install of SSD 500GB

Hello Live Users,

I've got Ableton Live 9 and my entire sound libraries on my 1TB 7200 drive in my 2011 MacBook Pro.  I'm thinking of buying a 500GB SSD, fresh installing the OSX (as well as Ableton) and using that as my main drive now, and removing the 1TB and using it as my external.

My question is this:  If I already have all of my sets, samples, plugins, sound libraries, and all of my additional loops (i.e. everything) on that 1TB (now) external drive, how do I direct the fresh Ableton Live 9 on the SSD to find these larger file libraries on the external?  Is it just as basic as going into the preferences and doing a "browse" for the external drive's libraries? I'm technically not "moving" the library, moreso pulling from the external. 

I'll obviously be saving the new sets to the SSD, etc.



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