1 second lag with Novation Bass Station VST and Live 9 Suite

I just got the Bass Station VST and I find that if I call up a preset and leave the Bass Station window with focus, then playing my computer keyboard has about a 1 second lag between hitting the key, and seeing the plugin react.

However if I change so that some other part of Live has focus, playback instantly becomes latency-free as one would expect.  Focusing the BS window again causes the lag.

Additionally, the lag impacts ALL keyboard functionality in Ableton Live.  For example, pressing Z or X to transpose down or up an octave, also requires I hold the key down for 1 second before Live recognizes it as being pressed.  But again, only while the BS window has focus.

Anyone have any ideas on why this would be?  I'm running 9.2 64bit Mac OSX Mavericks.


vanKloot 3 years ago | 0 comments

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