007 style pink panther style edm/hip/elec- drums

Hi i have ableton live 8.  Im interested in alternative classy superb style sounding hi hats and such that are distorted a little, probably with saturation or tube.


Anyone know of classy style samples? drum machines? vsts? for 007 pink panther style/like drums.

Im not looking for something to imitate 007 or Pink Panther.  It's just the idea that I want something SUPERB.


My setup is this. Windows 7 Professional, Ableton live 8 suite. Korg ES-1 MKii,

     Sylenth1, Rapture, Dimension Pro, Synthmaster, Analog Lab, Brass 2.




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    Try some of the free livepacks, or try some drum vst's. Use Google to find samples or packs.

    After that you will have to work on the sound yourself.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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