Ableton Remote Support

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Limitations of Liability -- Zoom® Sessions

Though Ableton does not currently offer phone support, in exceptional cases we do offer support with an instant connection to the users' computers. Using Zoom® Ableton can give technical support directly on users' computers. Each session must be confirmed by the user in advance.

Before, during and after the Zoom® Session, Ableton limits liability and the claims that legal representatives and vicarious agents have for contractual and extra-contractual damages from users based on slightly negligent breach of duty to predictable direct average damages that are typical to the respective form of contract. Ableton is not liable for slightly negligent breaches of collateral duties of contract, in so far as the infringement does not jeopardize the execution of the contract. This also applies to its legal representatives and agents. The foregoing limitations of liability do not apply to damages for the loss of life, limb or health or in case of mandatory legal regulations, e.g., damages caused by violations of product liability law.

Ableton strongly recommends a complete data backup before starting a Zoom® Session. Ableton exempts any liability for the loss of data, due to omission of a data backup by users before starting a Zoom® Session.

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