Push with Live 12 - Beta Release Notes

Push 2.0.5b3 and Live 12.0.5b3

April 5, 2024


Push 3

  • Updated the Push 3 software package to version 1.4.1 (includes XMOS 1.0.76 firmware). This fixes issues with LDCs not running and issues with ADC polarity.

Push 2.0.5b1 and Live 12.0.5b1

March 27, 2024


Push 3 & 2

  • "Master volume" has been renamed to "Main volume" on Push.

Push 1

  • On Push 1, notifications that show note names now respect the current tuning system, scale, and tonal spelling settings.


Push 3

  • When using the browser and then opening another screen that appears on top, such as as the Metronome or Convert menu, turning the jog wheel no longer affects the browser.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented glissando from working when using a Simpler device that had the MPE pitch bend range set to 0 and Push’s Note Pitch Bend control was set to Auto.
  • When editing a MIDI clip in Clip View, when the last note of a clip is selected and zoomed in, and its position is changed to outside of the clip border, the zoom level no longer zooms out to show the whole clip. The start position of the zoom is maintained instead.

Push 3 & 2

  • Improved Live's UI performance in large Sets while Push 2 or 3 is connected and Live’s playback is running.
  • Fixed a bug where the oscillator transpose parameters on Push didn't have an effect when Meld was following the clip scale.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when switching to a MIDI track, where a note range or a sequence range notifications were shown in Push’s display. These notifications are now only shown when there are changes to the respective ranges.
  • When Push is connected to Live, freezing and flattening no longer requires two undo steps.